What I Need to Know as a Visitor

Celebration Service

Sunday worship services are what we call celebration services. We believe that each time we meet on Sundays it is to celebrate the gift of Christ and every bit of our service demonstrates this fact. There are two celebration services to accommodate our large congregation and to cater to both the schedules and bilingual needs of our growing congregation. The first service begins at 8:00AM and is in English only. The second service begins at 10:30AM and it  is bilingual. Which ever service you choose to attend, rest assured that the awesome presence of God will manifest itself in a unique way to meet you exactly at your point of need.

Each Celebration service always begins with communal prayer, led by the pastor in charge of that service. Praise and worship follows soon after; then a ministration from the choir; our weekly announcements; solo ministration/testimony and the most important aspect of it all, is the unadulterated WORD of God. The Word is broken down to inspire and to equip you for success in your daily walk with Christ. At TLC, Christianity is not just a religion, it is our lifestyle.


Wednesday nights are dedicated for our midweek service and this service is called the WORD! This is a teaching service so join us each Wednesday from 6:30PM to learn and acquire wisdom.

Our Children’s Service

Transforming Life Centre is a church that caters to all age groups and we have a qualified and passionate team of care providers to whom your children are entrusted. When you drop off your child at any one of the classrooms, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they are being well taken care of and are being taught principles that will help shape their future. They will learn the art of class participation, confidence, team work, and more. We do not only teach them how to be Godly, we teach them skills to make an impact in their environment.