What Every Member Needs to Know

What Every Member Needs to Know

Transforming Life Centre – Ottawa is a very dynamic church with lots of things to know, be part of and even initiate. This page summarizes some of the things we identified as important for every member to know.

1 – Be sure you are a registered member

It is important that you become a registered member for several reasons. As a member you can get counselling from our pastors, home/hospital visitations, baby dedication and a lot more. We also have membership classes to help your walk with God as a TLC member. If you are not a member yet, click here for details.

2 – Belong to a LIFE Group

L.I.F.E groups are building blocks of the church. A LIFE group is a small group of people meeting biweekly outside church to share the word, encourage each other and be there for each other. Belonging to a L.I.F.E group helps you build relationships within the church. If you are not registered to a L.I.F.E group click here.

3 – Join a ministry

Volunteering at TLC gives you an opportunity to not only be served but also to serve others; there are lots of serving opportunities at TLC; we also are open to new ideas that can contribute in the building of the church. If you are not in any ministry, please let us know.

4 – Belong to a neighbourhood prayer centre

TLC has a number of prayer meetings held throughout the city every morning; we believe prayer is essential in your walk with God. These neighbourhood prayers are held anywhere between 1-3 hours and you can attend fora length of time that fits your schedule. To find neighbourhood prayers centres in your area please contact us.

5 – Know about our CARE resources & benefits

TLC Ottawa offers a variety of services for the Ottawa community; community outreach programs such as feeding the homeless, visiting soup kitchens, campus concerts, etc. We also provide these services for our congregants: baby dedications, baptism, marriage seminars/ceremonies, home or hospital visits, funeral care and counselling. Contact the church office @ 613-729-3535 for more information.

6 – Attend church services regulary

Attending church services allows you to come and hear the word of God; we believe hearing the word of God consistently is important in building up your faith (Romans 10:17). To know about the worship services times click here.