Transforming Weekends

What is a Transforming Weekend?

This is a weekend set aside to Encounter God. It is 48 hours of total transformation by the master. It is when we go away to have an:


An Encounter is a divine appointment with God. It is a specific time in your life when God “shows up” on your behalf. It is marked by His presence, His power, and His deliverance. When you encounter God, you are forever changed by the experience.


Many of us have done things to ourselves that we regret and continue to feel guilty about. We have fallen into temptation and are carrying the burdens. Some of the hurts that have affected us make us protect ourselves by putting on some kind of mask, the mask must come off.  The encounter will help you to take off these masks. The masks must come off; because these masks hinder you from being the best you can be. The encounter will help you to find out who you really are. It will expose you to God and lead you to have an encounter with God.


We cannot love our neighbors as ourselves unless we have an encounter with our neighbours and forgive them for what they have put us through. God sets us free to love other people and be free to serve them. Before we can do that, we must confront them in the spirit and release them from the yokes, bondages and stronghold that have developed in our lives because of them.

Why should I go?

The benefits of going to the retreat are many and varied, depending on what God specifically does in your heart. You may experience a freedom that you’ve never known before, a new confidence in God’s love for you, a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit, and boundless joy in the goodness of God.

What do I need to do before I go?

There are mandatory pre-retreat preparatory classes and a fasting to help you prepare yourself spiritually and maximize your benefits during the weekend.

What should I expect when I go?

Revelation, repentance, new direction, transforming thoughts, renewed love, freedom and deliverance.

What happens afterwards?

You are encouraged to attend post-retreat classes that will help you walk in your deliverance, build your relationship with God and others, grow in the Word and in prayer, take your place in the Kingdom of God and fulfill divine purpose. Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed in Him ‘If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you  free. John 8 8:31-32

Need more Information?

Contact the church office at 613-729-3535.